Places I’ve Slept This Year

3 Jan

This year has involved me sleeping in many, many places. I decided I wanted to count them.

  1. Erin’s rec room for New Year’s Eve 2011
  2. My bedroom at home
  3. My grandparents’ guest bedroom
  4. My dorm room in Cushing
  5. The couch in Hopkins
  6. Luke and Michael’s couch
  7. One of the nice beds at Bozarth – skipped out on the plastic camp mattresses this year!
  8. The floor of a church in St Louis
  9. Emily’s guest bedroom
  10. Jamie’s older sister’s bed/guest bedroom in Potlatch
  11. Erin’s friends’ parents’ bed while she was housesitting
  12. The plane from Seattle to Paris
  13. A hotel in Barcelona
  14. My apartment in Barcelona
  15. The last-minute business hotel room close to the Paris airport
  16. On the floor of my Barcelona roommates’ Paris hotel
  17. The room I booked at midnight in Paris
  18. Back out to the airport hotel, still in Paris
  19. Hostel Pisa
  20. PLUS Hostel Florence
  21. The marina, Herräng
  22. On a mat outside of Folkets Hus, wrapped in a sheet to ward off mosquitos
  23. Skanstulls Vandrarhem, Stockholm
  24. The other room in Skanstulls Vandrarhem, with a very cuddly couple
  25. Palmer’s Lodge, London
  26. The overnight bus from London to Amsterdam – poor choices
  27. Shelter City, Amsterdam
  28. St Christopher’s Inn, Brugge
  29. Some random (but nice) hostel in Köln, Germany
  30. Rahel’s futon in Bern
  31. Rahel’s dad’s girlfriend’s floor in some Swiss town
  32. A random hostel in Munich
  33. Hostel in Bad Gastein, Austria
  34. Hostel in Vienna
  35. Hostel in Prague, where I got the last bed
  36. Jamie’s bed in Budapest
  37. A park in Barcelona
  38. The floor of the Barcelona airport (with a sign asking people to wake me up at 4 am)
  39. My bedroom at SBOPC
  40. Our beloved cabin at Camp Reed
  41. Michaela’s floor
  42. The back bedroom of our condo at Chelan for Christmas
  43. Heather’s apartment in Bellingham

For an average of 8.5 nights in each place. Fantastic.


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