Why Ke$ha Rocks

8 Jan

Ke$ha is fantastic. Whenever her music comes on the radio, I give up on checking any other stations and rock out. There is only one other artist – and yes, Ke$ha is totally an artist – I do this for and that is the fantastic Ms. Taylor Swift.

Really, is it so surprising that these are my top two? I mean, look at them:

Taylor + meth = Ke$ha

I’ve always said Ke$ha is Taylor Swift on meth. Look at the hair: it’s the same, except Ke$ha’s looks like it hasn’t been washed in six months. Faces: the same, but Ke$ha’s is covered with glitter war paint. Even their body types are identical, except where Taylor clothes herself in cowboy boots and sundresses, Ke$ha chooses torn clothes that look like she’s been wearing them in sketchy clubs for five nights straight.

They both sing what they know. Taylor sings about boys: boys she’s loved, boys she wishes she’s loved, and boys who broke her heart. Ke$ha sings about getting drunk and sleeping around.

It might sounds like my love for Ke$ha is sarcastic, but I promise it’s not. See, Taylor and Ke$ha are both real. Lady Gaga is a New York girl with an amazing voice (seriously, check her out) who changed everything about herself to be noticed by Hollywood. Katy Perry didn’t make it until she (blatantly heterosexual) started singing about her lesbian lip-lock.

Ke$ha is unabashedly trashy. Just like I fully believe that Taylor really is the sweet, innocent girl she portrays, I think Ke$ha (only 2.5 years her elder) really is as trashy as she acts.

So yeah. My life may be nothing like hers and I don’t think I want it to be, but I am not ashamed to know every word to her songs. I love and respect her complete and total lack of class.

Stay trashy, Ke$ha.


2 Responses to “Why Ke$ha Rocks”

  1. Amy January 28, 2012 at 12:27 am #

    You know, I respect the shit out of you Lauren. Except when you love on Taylor Swift.

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