The Best Things on the Internet

10 Jan

I spend way too much time on the internet. Ignoring facebook and my email, this is where I go:


3 new articles a day. Hilarious list-form discussions of random and strange yet intriguing topics (today: The 9 Most Badass Last Words Ever Uttered: Part 2, 6 Small Math Errors That Caused Huge Disasters, and The Horrifying Downside to Being a Superhero’s Brother) that are always amusing. I find myself referencing Cracked in daily conversation way too often.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday he posts new super-nerdy comics. I love them. My friends and I will regularly start describing them to each other only to cut each other off: “yeah, I’ve seen it. It’s great.”

Jason Good

This guy did a 365 blog project last year (kind of my inspiration, thanks!) in which he wrote about mostly his kids. I may not have children myself and am not planning to for a while, but having worked at a daycare for a few years and been babysitting since I was 12, I find myself laughing out loud at pretty much everything he writes.

College Candy

This is my guilty pleasure. I’m kind of embarrassed for people to know that I read it. It’s a sort of conglomerate of blog posts about basically everything a college girl would care about except school (although they do talk about it occasionally). It’s mostly clothes and boys and celebrity gossip.


The only clothing site that I visit regularly. I can’t afford their stuff, but someday I want to dress just like their models because everything on this website is adorable. If anyone’s looking to buy me a present, anything modcloth would be great.

Post Secret

Every Sunday, without fail, I check to see what postcards Frank has posted this week. I love the look into other people’s lives and problems.

Failbook/Not Always Right

I lump these into the same category, because they’re both just stupid little anecdotes, generally laughing at other people’s stupidity. The first is strange posts off of facebook. The second is customers being really, really dumb. Enjoy.

That’s it. How I waste so much time. If I’m looking for something a little more intellectual, I’ll check out Slate or the Psychology Today archives, both of which are great. I also enjoy reading student newspapers from schools I don’t go to and stealing their story ideas.

One Response to “The Best Things on the Internet”

  1. Amy January 28, 2012 at 12:25 am #

    Excellent list, but you forgot JG’s personal blog page.

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