2-MINUTE MEMOIR: The First Time I Smuggled

15 Jan

I was on the Flags team my senior year of high school (picture cheerleaders spinning six-foot flags), which was, generally speaking, a poor choice.

Towards the end of the year, however, there was a shining moment. We went to the state competition in Yakima, the armpit of Washington. The competition itself lasted all of Saturday, and you weren’t allowed to bring any food or drink, because they wanted to force the competitors to buy $4 bottles of water and $10 hamburgers. But we wouldn’t fall for that, not my team.

No, we had a plan. We bought our snacks ahead of time. We emptied tampon boxes and put snacks in them. We untied fleece blankets, loaded them with food, and then wrapped them around ourselves. We stuck water bottles in our spankies, under our skirts. We made it through security, where they checked our bags without noticing the fact that we were all a bit … bustier … than would have been natural.

While all the other teams sat properly in the chairs at the bottom of the dome, we hiked up to the bleachers at the top, spread out our pillows and blankets, conked out, and later feasted on the veritable grocery store we had snuck in.

Go! Fight! Win! Shorewood!


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