The Least Convenient Holiday

17 Jan

I am all for civil rights and equality and a little afraid that just writing this post might put me on lists that I don’t want to be on, but the truth is MLK day this year has been extremely inconvenient.

School doesn’t start until Wednesday, so I would have had the day off anyways. In high school, it was a great holiday because I got a day off just two weeks after Winter break (which was only two weeks back then, #3847 on the list of reasons I love college).

Today, though, I couldn’t go to the bank to deposit all my Christmas money and checks from my roommates for utilities, meaning that my bank account is dipping dangerously low.

I couldn’t call the IT guys to find out how to log in to my work computer, since the password was magically changed in my absence (meaning – you guessed it – smaller paycheck, still dangerously low bank account).

I couldn’t go to the mail room to send the package I’ve been meaning to send for the last two weeks. I realize I could have gone back home, but then I would have had to drive all the way to the bowling alley, and that just takes way too much effort.

Thanks, Martin, for all the great things you did for our country. But I could have done without the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.


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