It’s the Snowpocalypse!

20 Jan

Every single year, that phrase drives me insane.

“Oh my gosh! It snowed! Seattle people can’t drive in the snow! It’s the END OF THE WORLD!”

True, I don’t spend the majority of my time in Seattle anymore, but way too much of my facebook home page the last few days has been dedicated to the well-known fact that Seattlites can’t drive in the snow. UW cancelled school. A bunch of businesses are closed. And a lot of my friends are getting cabin fever.

Here in Spokane, we fight it out in the weather. No, no one bothers to plow Sharp – that’s a sign of weakness. We don’t cancel class for nearly a foot of snow – it’s syllabus week, and that’s important learning time! Many of us won’t even put on snow boots, because “snow? This isn’t real snow. You should have seen the great snowfall of ’08.”

There are three things I know about snow:

  1. It’s fun to throw at people
  2. It makes even ugly things look pretty
  3. It gets annoying

So why is it that 50 percent of my conversations in the last two days have revolved around the stuff? For future reference, this is how I will respond.

You: Oh my gosh it’s snowing so much!

Me: I know, it’s so pretty!

You: Yeah, definitely. I wonder if they’ll cancel class.

Me: I doubt it, but that would be great.

You: Yeah, definitely. So what have you been up to?

Me: Just class and work. I really want to have a snowball fight.

You: Yeah, definitely.

The end. Snow’s awesome, let’s stop talking about it all the time.



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