Walk With Me

21 Jan

Three times today, I ran into someone I needed to check in with as I was on my way somewhere else. Each time, without breaking my stride, I said “Walk with me,” and we carried out the highly important conversation without slowing me down at all in my jam-packed day.

“You can’t get the interview? That’s fine. Try talking to so-and-so. I’ll give you their number.”

“Okay, and when are we having that meeting? Monday? Sounds great, forward me the email.”

“Yes, you have to fill out a PAR form in order to be paid, head to the first floor and let me know if you have any problems.”

And then the other person would peel off, backtracking to get to where they meant to be in the first place.

Is this what it feels like to be middle-aged and important? I kinda like it.


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