Just Hangin’ Out With A Priest

23 Jan

Going to a Catholic school, I get to know a decent number of priests, two of whom I am particularly fond of.

This weekend, while on retreat, I got to hang out with one of them, which was great. Yet a wee bit uncomfortable.

We’re sitting there, seven of my classmates and our resident Jesuit, playing Scrabble, when the freshmen decide now would be an appropriate time to watch “Friends With Benefits” (Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, that’s all you need to know). Watching this movie with your parents would be rather uncomfortable.

As we sat there, watching the constant awkward nakedness onscreen, he kept commenting: “There’s a lot of language in this movie.” “Is there anything to this other than the…?” “Well, that’s an awkward shot.”

Finally, we moved to a different room, where the priest and my classmate proceeded to win by playing “urinal” and “raping.”

Commenting, as he played it, “For 32 points, I couldn’t resist!”


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