I’m Definitely Not Old Enough For This

26 Jan

It seems like every three days or so, I realize that I am doing something that I definitely do not feel old enough for. Recently:

  1. Signing a lease
  2. Buying groceries
  3. Paying bills (basically anything requiring me to spend money on not-fun)
  4. Traveling by myself
  5. Renting a vacation house with my friends
  6. Doing just about anything without parental permission

I remember having this same feeling when I filled out my first job application. “I have to have someone write me a recommendation??? But who??? My neighbor? Mom’s friend? Yeah, I’ll totally go with mom’s friend.”

Back then, I felt like there was no way I was old enough that I already had to be filling out job applications. Especially to work at a daycare. Wasn’t I about the right age to be going to a daycare? (Note: I was not. I was 16.)

Today, I had a similarly shocking realization when I received an email from a freshman member of the newspaper staff, in which she requested that I write her a recommendation for a summer job. Me, write a recommendation? This is something I’m definitely not old enough for. I thought you had to be at least 28 for that to even be legal.


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