29 Jan

Grocery shopping is quite possibly one of my most favorite weekend activities.

Growing up, I ate whatever my mom bought. Which was generally the same series of meals and snacks over and over again. I ate healthfully and a good variety of foods, but it was rare to find something new and exciting in the fridge.

Then I spent two years going to the COG. Let’s just say “new” and “exciting” are not the adjectives I would put at the top of the list when it comes to COG food.

The first couple times I went grocery shopping were extraordinarily exciting. I was out buying all my own food. I could eat whatever I wanted. But I figured that it would get old pretty fast, that I would get tired of having to take time out of my life to buy food and put it away and then cook it later.

A semester in, that simply has not happened. I adore walking the aisles of a grocery store to pick up whatever looks good. Even more, I love knowing that I like all of the groceries I have because I picked all of them. I never look at a shelf full of food and have nothing I want to eat, because I picked it all.

Maybe what this all comes down to is I love food and I love shopping, and I don’t feel guilty spending money on food the way I do other things.

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