These Kids Are So Much Younger Than Me

4 Feb

I wore a dress with tights and heels today because I didn’t want to be confused with a high-schooler.

After getting up at the obscene hour of seven am (a full hour later than I woke up when I was actually in high school) I drove downtown and parked outside of one of the most beautiful public high schools I have ever seen.

On a related note, I plan on discussing the ridiculously pathetic architectural state of my own high school at some point soon.

Anyways. I was in a social studies class observing two law students teaching Constitutional law to high schoolers for my magazine job. What I ended up observing was this weird situation where I don’t feel like I’m that much older/more mature than I was senior year, but these kids are nowhere near as grown-up as I felt.

A lot of things were the same. There was a morning announcement, and a kid who came by to pick up the recycling bin. The teacher had to ask a student how the projector worked. And the kids acted the same way too.

“Oh, the things parents make us do so they can have fun,” one of the girls said in their five-minute passing period. Sarcastically, sure. But one of those things you can’t help but roll your eyes at when you’ve lived away from home for more than a month. I can’t relate to that anymore.

One of the girls in the corner was texting the entire time and I almost asked her to stop. Who am I?

Two kids in the back row were flirting nonstop, but it was obvious neither of them could tell if the other was interested.

Part of the discussion was about which stereotypes you belong to. Kids asked their friends. As if I couldn’t look at them and picture exactly who they were

Somehow, somewhere between June 2009 and today, I became the kind of person that could sit in the back of a high school classroom. It’s like the way I felt when I first volunteered at an elementary school as a 9th grader. But now I’m that much older than high school seniors.

I think it’s time I start picking out a coffin, because time sure does fly.

(Also, I hate it when I don’t get lyric references, so it’s this:

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