Make a wish

9 Feb

If I got three wishes right this second, my first wish wouldn’t be world peach, or to win the lottery, or to own a talking monkey and a jet pack.

No, I’d wish for a dishwasher.

The speed with which a house full of college students can dirty a sink full of dishes is incredible. The problem is that we don’t stop at the sink. Our dishes land on the counter, the stove, the kitchen table and scattered throughout our bedrooms.

This is not because we’re a particularly messy crowd. We have a chore chart – and follow it. We vacuum and clean the toilet and refuse to “decorate” with empties.

But it’s just so easy to throw a cereal bowl, mug of tea, or butter knife (from putting peanut butter on a banana, of course!) in the sink and figure it’ll get taken care of soon. And then someone else does the same thing. And then the sink is too full to wash one dish without doing eight others that don’t belong to you.

And then they don’t get washed until someone gets exasperated and spends an hour washing them all. Then 24 hours later, we have the same problem.

So every 11:11 from now until graduation, I think I’m asking the universe to send me a dishwasher.

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