Why I love being a zag

9 Feb

I am very much not a sports fan. I quit gymnastics at age seven, t-ball at eight, soccer at nine (My coach asked: “If you’re so smart, why can’t you kick the ball in the goal?” I’m definitely not still bitter.) and have never even begun to understand football.

But get me to a Zag basketball game and I will scream with the drunkest of them.

The St Mary’s game is the best every year (with St Mary’s ’10 being possibly the best ever – “Hey Omar, ‘I’m a beast’ is three words”) and today was no exception. 8-10 on a Thursday night when I still have homework due tomorrow morning? It was great.

It’s not that I love basketball so much. It’s the insane school spirit that comes out, the communal aspect of everyone booing the other team together. Sports hate is interesting because there is nothing that makes any team fundamentally different from any other. But maybe that’s what makes it great?

I didn’t want to go to a football school because then I would have had to pretend I cared about football. But going to a basketball school is fantastic. First of all, the games are inside so it’s never too hot, too cold (well, except in the tents. That’s why you join pep band!), or too rainy. And it’s all the best parts of high school homecoming assemblies with none of the terrible skits by freshmen.

Also, I love seeing status updates from study-abroaders waking up at 5 am to watch the basketball game. That’s some dedication right there.

And then after the game you get to read all the great anti-St Mary’s #gonzagaproblems. Possibly my new favorite thing.


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