Why “Tide is High” is a Terrible Song

10 Feb

So I had my iPod on shuffle today and “Tide is High” by Atomic Kitten came on.

Shut up. I got it for Christmas ’02 on a mix CD that I asked my dad to make for me. That makes it cool, right?

Anyways, the song was featured prominently on the soundtrack of the Lizzie McGuire movie, making it the coolest song ever.

But then today I was listening to it and I was actually a little disgusted. It’s like the song is about two different things. First of all, there’s:

“I’m not the kinda girl
Who gives up just like that
*Oh no*
The tide is high
But I’m holding on”

Which sounds good. Girl power, work hard for your dreams, that sort of thing.

But then, there’s:

“Every girl wants
You to be her man
But I’ll wait right here
‘Til it’s my turn
I’m not the kinda girl
Who gives up just like that”

No, I pine as much as the rest girl. But seriously? This song glorifies desperation. There was a time when I thought that was actually a good song. Like it could ever be admirable to hang on tooth and nail fighting for some guy who doesn’t want to be with you?

Okay, I realize that could be interpreted as me being super hypocritical. But maybe I can blame every poor romantic decision I’ve made on listening to this song as a 12-year-old. And hey, at least I know it’s not a good idea.


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