How difficult can 160 characters be?

13 Feb

That’s how many characters long a text is allowed to be. Sometimes it can take me hours to write it.

I can write a three or four page paper in the amount of time it takes me to write some texts.

This isn’t a matter of having difficulty with thumb-typing, I use texting for communication all the time. More often than calling, by far.

But then when there’s a boy, and I decide I want to text him, I’ll type out a text as soon as I think of it. Then I’ll save it as a draft. They next morning (it’s always bedtime when I think of these texts) I will revisit it and make some changes.

Then I’ll be too nervous to actually send it out, and so I’ll save it as a draft again.

Eventually, usually sometime during that second day, I’ll have decided how exactly I want to phrase that sentence (should it be, “Had a good time tonight”? Or “I had fun hanging out”? Or “Hang out again”? Or … SO MANY OPTIONS).

And then I’ll hit send and wait for the little white screen to go off with a response that obviously took all of ten seconds because – DUH – boys don’t overanalyze things this way.

Sanity: 1 Lauren: 0

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