Post Secret

13 Feb

I got to interview Frank Warren of Post Secret tonight, and then I got to see his lecture.

So, in honor of that, I was going to share a few of my secrets with you.

But I’m just not that brave. I sat here, preparing to type out those things that I don’t talk about, or even those things that aren’t really secret but they define me, or the things I never told the person that needed to hear them, and I realized I can’t.

Maybe it’s because I know too well who reads this. I know there’s my mom, and my best friends from high school, and the closest friends I’ve made in the last few years here, and a few others I messaged the link too. So anything I write they all either already know (you guys are the people I’m closest to, after all) or someone would be surprised and wonder why I hadn’t told them earlier, or someone would be hurt.

That’s not worth it. Not for any cathartic release i might get from posting my thoughts on the internet. 

So I’ll stick with the brain painting (thanks for the term, Lindsay) and life chats for now. Because just telling a secret doesn’t bring you closer to someone. Talking about it does.

My favorite way to spend an evening is talking to someone I don’t know very well about things that really matter. Cutting past all the small talk and getting to those things that are really human. Post Secret reminded me we all have those stories inside of us.

For all of you that have shared yours with me, thanks for letting me be a part of your life. For everyone who has listened, thanks for being a part of mine.

For anyone else, I hope to have those chats with you someday.


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