2-MINUTE MEMOIR: Why I quit sports

15 Feb

I’ve always been relatively successful at things I try to do. 

Except sports.

When I was in fourth grade, I switched elementary schools to be a part of the “Highly Capable” program – sort of an honors for elementary students. That same year, I switched soccer teams so that I could play with the girls I used to go to school with, stay connected and all that.

That was the first year the league kept track of scores, and our coach was serious.

He would regularly have practice run late and yell at us about mistakes that we made.

One day, we were doing a drill where we practiced shooting on the goal with only the goalie guarding. I failed, over and over.

Finally, he snapped. “If you’re so smart you can be in Highly Capable, why can’t you kick it in the goal.”

I went home that night crying, and the next day my mom called my coach and told him I was quitting the team, and that he was too harsh on us. He said there was nothing wrong with his coaching style and it was because of him that his team was a winner.

It wasn’t until about ten years later that my mom ran into him at a restaurant. He came up to her, apologized, and said that he had received similar complaints from other parents and changed his coaching style.

As for me? I never played soccer again.


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