18 Feb

Summer after freshman year, I was in a great musical by the name of “Calamity Jane.”  The best part of it was the fantastic people I was with, who had some really great ideas.

One of them was a young man by the name of Matt. He was a bit of a character. One afternoon when we were eating lunch on the grass behind the theater, next to a very steep hill, a man was getting a workout by riding his bike up and down that same hill.

Matt stood next to the side of the road yelling “You. Are. CRAZY!!!” to this guy every time he rode by. Which was a little obnoxious, but mostly funny.

And then there was a little boy, about nine years old, who had a look of horror in his eyes as he faced that giant hill. He made it about a quarter of the way up, when Matt jumped out from behind a tree and yelled “You. Are. CRAZY!!!” at this little boy.

He whizzed up that hill faster than I’ve ever seen someone ride a bike before.


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