To party or not to party?

19 Feb

I am not a party person. I did not go to a single one the entirety of my freshman year. I have never been drunk in my life.

But I do thoroughly enjoy going to a party where I know everyone, talking to people and dancing terribly with my friends. So when I found out last weekend that a group of my friends were going to be having a party tonight, I was rather excited.

I bought my outfit at Value Village last Saturday, and I’ve been excited about this for days. But then my bedtime for the last two days has averaged about five am (a 4:30 and a 5:30).

Therefore, I am left in a conundrum every college student experiences at some point or another. To party or not to party?

And, in a move extraordinarily disappointing to 95 percent of college students, I’m thinking not to party. A ten o’clock bed time sounds fantastic.


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