It’s Perfectly Normal

20 Feb

Was the name of the puberty book my mom got me when I was twelve. But that’s not what I’m referring to here.

I’m a totally normal college student. I spent two hours of my Monday off playing Scrabble with a priest.

Recall back about a month ago when six of my closest friends and I spent part of our Honors (totally normal college student, remember?) retreat playing Scrabble with our Jesuit? Well, it was awesome then and it was just as awesome now.

Actually even more awesome because my team won.

Possibly the best part was challenging our dear Jesuit on the proper spelling of the word “gyrate.” He went with “girate.” And I won. A university education at its finest. That’s a lie. I knew how to spell that word long before coming to college. I didn’t write opinion articles about high school dances for nothing.

Anyways, I’m hoping this will become a tradition. “You know kids, back when I was in college, I often used to play Scrabble with a priest on the weekends.”

Also I skipped the party last night and went to bed at ten. Totally normal college student?

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