anything could be happening out there

22 Feb

My phone broke in half today. Snapped. Right in two. There’s no hope for a recovery.

On the bright side, my parents ordered me a new super-awesome fancy phone as an early birthday present. On the lame side, I probably won’t have it until Monday.

That means I can’t text. I can’t call. Even if I could borrow someone else’s phone, I wouldn’t be able to reach anyone except my parents, because it’s not like I have anyone else’s phone number memorized.

Not being able to contact people is difficult enough, but it can be remedied through the internet. The worst part is that I can’t receive texts or calls. Who knows who’s out there trying to contact me? It could be anyone! There could be an incredibly important message that I’m never going to get – never – because I won’t have a phone until Monday.

Also, I tend to think that my reachability is way more important to other people than it actually is.


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