Happy Leap Year!

29 Feb

My personal favorite thing about this day is the fact that it extended five-dollar footlong February by an extra day, meaning that my dinner at the Bulletin was quite cheap.

But other than that, it makes me think about where I was last Leap Year and where I will be four years from now.

This morning, I wrote a letter on futureme.org that will be emailed to me on February 29, 2016. It was all about who I am today, things that matter to me now to remind the person who will read that email in four years of what was going on “way back then,” and see if any of the same things are still important.

(By the way, futureme is a really fun website, you should check it out.)

In February of 2008, I was a junior in high school. I had no idea where I was going to go to college or what I was going to major in. I was Opinion editor of the high school newspaper and didn’t particularly care about it. I was working at the daycare and I was super into theatre, preparing for Gezellig that summer. I had never been away from home for more than two weeks. I pretended I wasn’t terrified by boys, but I totally was. I got in fights with my mom on a weekly basis. I had been rejected from the flags team and was deciding whether I should apply again (I did, and I got it). I would get my car a couple of days later and finally be able to have mobility. I had learned to swing dance during the free lessons a year before, but had never gone to a dance. 

All of that has changed. I’ve figured out, kind of, what I want to do with my life. I found a college that I am absolutely obsessed with. I swing dance constantly when I’m home, and I even went to Sweden to do it. I am no longer terrified by boys and actually sort of almost have the confidence to take a shot when I like someone. I talk to my parents all the time, voluntarily, and they respect me as an almost-adult that can make my own choices. I have a job that I adore. I haven’t lived at home for more than a month since August 2010 (I went home summer after freshman year). Almost all of the people who are my best friends now, I didn’t know then.

I guess it’s just interesting to me to take a minute to think about how none of the 1,460 days since the last leap year have seemed particularly life-changing, like I was becoming a different person. But I think 16-year-old me would be pretty happy to know how things turned out so far. And I can’t wait to see what 24-year-old me is up to.


2 Responses to “Happy Leap Year!”

  1. Erin March 1, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    I love this post and so does JB

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