I think i might have beat it

1 Mar

I’ve been in college for 2.5 years, and there is one thing that is still horrible.

Being sick in college sucks.

Being sick is never any fun, but from ages 0-18 it was kind of a nice break from daily life.

I would take the day off of school and spend the whole day in my pajamas, curled up on the couch watching terrible TV shows. My mom would check up on me, giving me orange juice and soup and ice cream and toast. I would generally feel better by the next morning, and the day of illness was just a nice chance to take a break from my life.

Freshman year, I learned how good I had it. When you get sick freshmna year of college, you’re stuck in your bed, in the room you share with your roommate. You don’t have the kind of food you suddenly want (for me, this is usually orange juice, which I don’t like except for when I’m sick). But you can’t get it, because walking to the grocery store or even the dining hall sounds like the least appealing thing ever. If you’re lucky, and I was, you’ll have a roommate who is nice enough to bring you food from the dining hall. But even if she does, dining hall food is never good, and it’s way less so if you’re sick.

So instead of that nice day relaxing on the couch watching TV, you’re stuck shuffling across campus and trying to pay attention through class, which is a lot harder to skip than it used to be. No matter how badly you just want to sit around and watch Trading Spaces reruns, you have to write a paper when you’re not puking.

I’m currently trying to make sure I don’t get to that point. I have way too much to do not to be healthy. And even though I now have a couch (hooray for moving out of the dorms!), I don’t have a mommy here to take care of me.

Which is why I spent $4 on a bottle of juice this morning and currently have a can of chicken noodle soup in my backpack.

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