yeah, I’m that cool (plus esteman)

2 Mar

I’m totally sitting in my bedroom on a Friday night reading a book so that I can write an essay for my WWII class. To be fair, the reason I’m doing this now, instead of hanging out with my housemates downstairs, is because one of my best friends from high school is coming to see me tomorrow!

My point is, I’m boring today. But if you speak Spanish at all, this music video is awesome:

I love Esteman.

And a rough English translation, which I did not do myself:

Pedro Villa and Josefina are ready to hookup,
But Laura their neighbor has seen them giving up,
John Roar quits and makes it public
Leonora his wife will soon delete it

Amanda and Miranda just finished searching for
their friend Lina who stopped talking to them
The probe and snoop around, there is nothing to investigate
It’s easy, so easy, just click “poke”

Don’t bother me on Facebook
Don’t bother me, please
Whenever I get a notification
I just hit “close” (close, close…)
Don’t bother me on Facebook
Don’t bother me please
When you’re being melodramatic
Don’t write it on my wall. (wall, wall…)

Of 620 friends you interact with 10
90 unknown people plus 60 friend requests
They’re searching and hunting, soon they’ll find you
Together, everyone, betting on the web

200 events you’re supposed to go to
You say yes to everything, even though you don’t want to go
Your life is hard, you will have to decide
Apply the rule, respond to everything “maybe”


Don’t tell me you don’t have to go to the bathroom
When I see you always Facebooking
and then I sigh, you’ll going to be a while
and more

Don’t tell me you have another birthday party
That a year ago you wouldn’t have even known about
Could it be that it’s cool to party with strangers
and toasting just to toast


No, seriously, I adore Esteman.


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