It’s 62 degrees out, honey

10 Mar

Today it was 62 degrees out! I consider that appropriate dress-wearing weather, and did so (even though I spent the entire day inside, copy-editing. Boo) without tights for the first time this year.

62 degrees is the first day of spring. It welcomes the days of doing homework outside, of sitting on your porch until 9 pm chatting (without wearing fifteen layers, sorry neighbors), of counting down the weeks until summer.

That’s right. Shockingly enough, spring and summer are not the same season. Summer activities (jumping into the river, chasing down the ice cream truck) are best left to summer, when they can be properly enjoyed.

Another great summer activity is laying outside in a swimsuit reading a magazine. When it’s 80 or more degrees out, doing this with a cold bottle of water, some fruit and a trashy magazine can be one of the best ways to spend an afternoon.

However, when it’s 62 degrees out, you’re going to get goosebumps. So, ladies who were tanning on my block, enjoy your spring. Keep your tanning a summer activity, where it belongs.


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