I’m Judging You

11 Mar

I did my first Honors interviews of the year today! They’re exactly the same every single year – we ask the same questions, people tell us they’re inspired by their mom and they learned teamwork from playing soccer and they really learned a lot about serving others from their Eagle Scout project.

All of which are great, until you have to pretend to be interested in six people back to back telling you the exact same thing. And today I did 3.5 hours of these interviews.

So why would I subject myself to this pain? Well, because it’s a great excuse to partake in one of my favorite activities: judging people.

We score people on categories like “articulateness” and “caring for others.” I get to meet these people, interrogate them, and then give them a 0 – 40 score of how much I like them. It’s like what I do in my head all the time (okay, without the actual numerical analysis) but I don’t feel like a terrible person!

Sometimes people surprise me. Someone will come in and I’ll expect them to be really pretentious and annoying, but they’re actually totally sincere. Or someone will seem to be really great at first glance and then turn out not to be at all willing to consider an opposing viewpoint as potentially valid.

The great thing is, if it’s someone I would never want to have around, they get a low score and a decent chance of never being a part of my life again. In the real world, I don’t get to do that. I don’t get to give someone a numerical score on “connects with interviewers” and “manner” that partially determines their admission status.

It might kind of make me a terrible person, but I really enjoy it.


2 Responses to “I’m Judging You”

  1. aolehaole March 12, 2012 at 5:27 pm #

    Don’t you want to just get paid and do it for a living?


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