Not a big deal

13 Mar

Last spring break, I went on Mission: Possible, a service trip to St Louis. We slept on a church floor and ate peanut butter and jellys while spending our days volunteering at a homeless shelter. It was a great time.

This year, I’m getting the star treatment.

I left today for Pittsburg, PA, getting up before six. I had a free COG breakfast, the excitement of which you will only understand if you are a GU student who no longer has a meal plan. Those tater tots were delicious.

Then I took a bus to the airport, where we got on our chartered flight. No need to go through security, we just got wanded down. Lunch was provided on the plane, which also had those awesome screens on the back of the seats. We didn’t have to pay for the movies.

On our way to the plane, we each got handed $100 – a per diem of $25/day for four days.

Then we got to our hotel, the Sheraton ( I’m sharing my room with three other girls. The beds are comfy, the lobby is awesome, and we’re all on the same floor.

Called a good friend from high school who goes to Carnegie Mellon that I havent seen since high school. He’s in Seattle for the week, but we might get to meet up this weekend!

I got Subway for dinner and then wandered the city with some awesome people.

Back at the hotel, I’m planning on calling my parents then watching the BYU game.

I think it’s going to be a great week.

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