Everyone wants my opinion today

19 Mar

After I met with a background investigator contracting for the Department of Defense, I was invited to join a focus group to discuss another huge institution: Sodexo.

I’ve done a focus group for them before, but I saw no good reason not to do it again. And one very good reason to do it: free dinner.

First, and most importantly, the food was delicious. Secondly, it was a chance for me to air my complaints about everything dining services does wrong.

1: Everything is obscenely expensive. I feel like an idiot every time I buy food on campus.

2: Crosby doesn’t open until noon on the weekends. NOON. If I want coffee on a weekend, I want it long before noon.

3: Jazzman’s closes at seven. That’s ridiculous. What if I want coffee at 7:30? What if I’m going to be up late doing homework? I should be able to get that coffee.

4: There is no real food between Crosby and Duff’s. You really expect me to walk a whole three blocks to get a snack between classes? What do you think I am, a marathon runner?

What about campus dining drives you insane?


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