Why rejection rocks

24 Mar

Earlier this year, I wrote about my goal to not pine over anyone this semester.
I am proud to say I have, so far, succeeded. Every time I’ve been interested in someone, it has taken me three weeks or less to decide I like them, do something about it, and figure out if it’s going anywhere.

Sure, it hasn’t gone anywhere. I’ve had three or four interests not work out so far this semester, depending on how you count. But that’s not in my control.
I’m used to falling for someone so hard that it takes me months, years to move on. And that isn’t any fun at all. And then I find myself wondering if I’ll ever meet anyone half as wonderful as them. So then I’m not only depressed because that particular guy wasn’t interested, but because I dig myself into a hole of thinking he’s as good as it gets.
Guess what, self? He’s not. He may be great (why would I like him otherwise?) but he’s not the greatest.
When I am keeping my options open, having a half dozen mini-crushes instead of one all-consuming crush of a lifetime, no one gets that kind of a hold on me.
So I’m okay when I get turned down because I haven’t given anyone a power they don’t deserve. I found someone I wanted to get to know better, they weren’t interested, and I was okay.
There’s no way I’m going to find that exceptional guy I’m looking for if I don’t keep trying. But there’s no reason to project all that awesomeness on someone before they’ve earned it.
So, rejection sucks. But it’s so much better to be rejected regularly, because taking that risk gets less and less scary every time. They’re just boys. And if they turn me down, that changes absolutely nothing about anything. So I’m going to keep on trying, because its so much better than what I was doing before.

One Response to “Why rejection rocks”

  1. Nina Thomas July 27, 2012 at 1:47 am #

    How do you do it? And how does it feel to get acceptance?

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