how i spent my sunday night

28 Mar

So, I’m not really the type of college student to have great/ridiculous stories from the weekend or anything. Mostly because I’m a gigantic nerd. (And super okay with that).

This weekend, I was in Warwick, Rhode Island, one of the most boring places in this country.

On Sunday night, we got back from the basketball game – depressed because of the painful loss – at 10:30 at night and hadn’t even eaten dinner yet. I knew I was going to have to get up at six am to make call time. It was then that I started to consider not going to bed, knowing I would function better the next day with no sleep than with little sleep.

We went to Ozzi’s, a little burger place, for dinner, since it was the only place open. The kitchen had been closed and just the bar was open, but they opened it back up to make us our burgers. Plus a rather inebriated friend of the owner bought us onion rings and fries.

To the waitresses dismay, I’m sure, our group of five was shortly followed by about half of the band. But we told them to tip well and did so ourselves – $13 on a $50 check. 

Afterwards, my friend wanted to go find the cemetery he had run into while on an “adventure” the previous night. I thought to myself, “When in Warwick … do absolutely anything you have to in order to prevent death by boredom.” And we headed off. 

The cemetery was close and entirely Jewish. We read tombstones for a while and analyzed family histories while wishing we could read Hebrew. Around midnight, we went back to the hotel.

We hung out there for a couple hours, talking about our life philosophies with a half dozen other people. Around two am, we dispersed. Most (smarter? less fun?) people went to bed, but we both decided four hours of sleep wasn’t worth it.

So I put on my warmest clothes, we took half a bottle of wine (I’m 21 now, it’s totally legal!) and walked back to the Jewish cemetery. We found the tombstone of the Resnick family, sat down, pulled out our plastic cups, listened to some jazz on his iPod touch, and talked until five in the morning. (Well, first I had to make a phone call about the Bulletin. It was only midnight back here at that point). It was freezing cold and I was in a Jewish cemetery in Rhode Island in the middle of the night and I had a fantastic time.

We went to Dunkin when they opened at five. Back to the hotel at six, changed and packed, breakfast, on the bus, on the plane, home at 12:30, took a test at 3:30, and slept for thirteen hours last night.

Life is good.


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