Sometimes i love the COG

28 Mar

I used to eat at the COG twice a day. Swipe my card, eat unlimited crappy food, move on with my life. It was great, and then it got old.

Then, this year, I stopped having a meal plan. 

For the most part, I absolutely love it. I buy the groceries I want. I eat delicious things, and they’re all right here at my house. I can eat lots of little snacks if that’s how I want to eat. I can cook for myself or just buy out of the Trader Joe’s freezer section. Which I admit to doing more often than I probably ought to. 

But then on some wonderful days, some wonderful person will take me to the COG. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does … it is a day of glory. A day when I can eat however much I want without preparing any of it. When I can eat an entree and a half plus two desserts and cheesy bread. A day when I remember why I gained weight when I came to college.

But oh my goodness, it is so great.

Thanks, Amy, for the COG food.


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