I Will Never Understand

14 Apr

On weekend nights, I am always either at home relatively early or out somewhere that I have planned to be, heading straight to that place and then straight home later.

I have never, not once, trolled the neighborhood in search of a party.

Tonight, at around 11, I was heading to a friend’s house. I was invited. 

Out the window of our car, I saw the hordes of (presumably) freshmen who wander the neighborhood in dresses that are more like long shirts, searching for random houses hosting parties.

In one group of about 15 people, we overheard someone say, “Just because you were invited doesn’t make you better than the rest of us.” Well, actually, yes. It kind of does.

For about two seconds, I thought I might have been missing out on something, on the quintessential (?) college experience of searching for random places to get drunk with strangers.

Then I realized that I greatly prefer spending my time with people I actually enjoy, and resumed making fun of people. It’s one of my favorite hobbies.

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