Fun Things To Do

28 Apr

Today I refused to do any homework, mostly because I have no affection at all for future-Lauren.

Part of doing no homework involved going on an exploration of two places I’ve been meaning to check out for a couple of weeks. Thanks to my wonderful friend who adventured with me!

Spokane Public Market is awesome. They’re just starting out, but it’s fun! I definitely intend to supplement my summer food purchasing with stuff from here. It’s fresh, local, and not terribly expensive. That’s right, I’m going to try to eat less frozen food. Impressive, right? Anyways, if you’re into farmer’s markets I recommend checking it out. There aren’t a ton of vendors, but it’s open year-round.

Fringe&Fray was also a lot of fun. They have secondhand clothes/home decor. It’s adorable, although rather small, and everything is pretty affordable. It’s like a thrift store with a much higher concentration of cute stuff. I didn’t find anything perfect (which is good, because I am currently VERY poor), but I have a feeling this is one of those places where usually nothing is quite right and then occasionally you stumble across something that is quite literally the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

So yes, I would recommend checking them both out!

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