Desmond Tutu

13 May

I went to graduation this morning, the first one I’ve been to since I graduated high school. Mostly, it made me very grateful that I have another year left. There are so many things I still want to do here, so many people that I love too much to leave.

For the most part, graduation was long and arduous. And we didn’t even stay through the whole thing.

The best part, though? Desmond Tutu.

This man is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. A fighter of apartheid. A worldwide here. An archbishop.

And completely hilarious.

His speech – which he made without any notes! – was beautifully said. It pushed the limits just enough – you could feel the tension in the room when he said that gay people should be treated equally in front of a largely Catholic audience.

But he had us rolling in our chairs. “Streamlined … not so streamlined.” “It was in the Netherlands. Which is not relevant to this story.” “Who’s there? Angel. Angel who? Archangel. …. Is the archangel Gabriel.” “I’m a good girl. Ask next door.”

Basically, I did not expect a eighty-something Nobel Prize winner to be so funny.


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