Just Shut Up and Listen

18 May

I was at work from 10-5 today, which I believe is the longest amount of time I have ever spent at this particular job. And I spent the entire time in meetings. It was the best day ever.

We had a marketing guy from Seattle (’96 grad) come in to talk about the magazine and the 125th anniversary and the impending capital campaign. 

I felt bad claiming it as working hours since I just shut up and listened the entire time. We talked about ways to make people care, ways to build the “brand” of the magazine, and ways to tie it into the mission of the university. Later in the afternoon it turned into discussions about how to convince the higher-ups that your ideas are actually good. I’m pretty sure I learned more about marketing in seven hours today than in two semesters of taking marketing classes. It was extremely enlightening. Plus I got a free lunch.

Also, he said he would be willing to come teach a design workshop for the newspaper, which would be FANTASTIC.

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