The One Who Disappeared From the Face of the Planet

2 Jun

Once upon a time, there was this boy. His name is Miles Weishampel, in case anyone is ever Googling him, comes across this blog, and can comment and inform me that he is in fact alive.

Way back in the summer of 2004, I had just finished seventh grade. I was taking part in Seattle Center Academy, which is an awesome program for middle schoolers to get bussed to the Seattle Center every day for two weeks and take arts classes from really talented people in the city. It was the first day of camp and I was sitting towards the front of the bus reading a book, because the only other people from my school were 8th graders and therefore TERRIFYING.

At the second-to-last stop, after I had been on the bus for about half an hour, a boy climbed on carrying a trombone case. He was tall, with dark hair, and probably the cutest boy I had ever seen. I had no intention of ever speaking to him.

Over the course of the next two weeks, we would occasionally sit near each other on the bus, for the brief time we were both on it. Mostly the older girls from my school flirted with him, and I sat there shyly because I wasn’t really sure how this whole flirting thing worked.

Then camp ended, and I went on with my thirteen-year-old life. The next year, I signed up for SCA again, and I secretly hoped Miles would be there again. When we stopped at his middle school, I craned my neck, and I was so excited to see him climbing abroad, trombone case in hand, for the second year.

That year, along with another girl on the bus, we formed a sort of trio. The three of us got to be pretty good friends, and I developed a huge crush.

But of course, camp ended two weeks later. And with him living downtown and me twenty minutes out in the suburbs, at fourteen years old we might as well have been hours apart.

We talked on AIM pretty regularly after that (yes, this was back when AIM was a thing, and I was on it all the time) and I saw him once freshman year, when the three of us went to the opening of the sculpture park downtown. It was fun, he was still really cute.

So we stayed in touch. We became facebook friends when facebook became a thing, junior year. We talked whenever we were both online, which ended up being once every couple weeks.

At the beginning of senior year, he took the bus from Queen Anne out to my suburb and we went to the beach, where we sat on a log and talked about life for a few hours. It was wonderful. And then I got a call from my mother, wondering where I was. In a rush and afraid of getting in trouble – and I still regret this – I hurried him back to the bus station, hugged him goodbye, and shooed him out of my car.

I haven’t seen Miles since.

We stayed in touch over texting and facebook for a bit, then I lost his number when I got a new phone and he deleted his facebook sometime during freshman year of college.

So that was a bummer. I Googled him to try to figure out what he ended up doing with his life (everything was very up in the air senior year) but the only things about him on the internet are a number of years old. I asked our mutual friend if she knew of a way to reach him, but she lost contact too.

But this is not just a story of a middle-school crush I lost contact with. No, it gets weirder.

Late last semester, I received a friend request from a name I didn’t recognize. I decided to accept, look at their pictures and mutual friends, and then delete them if it turned out I didn’t know them.

They didn’t have any pictures. We didn’t have any mutual friends. In fact, they didn’t have any friends at all – except for me. There was no identifying information for this person, except for the email address they had used to register with facebook. I recognized it. I checked it against the account I used back in middle school, and you guessed it, it was Miles’ address. Of course, I immediately sent him a facebook message and an email. Neither were responded to.

The account unfriended me about four months later. In the meantime, they never added another friend. They never added any identifying information, other than a birthday that I know wasn’t his (which was probably there all along).

So basically, this is a mystery that may never get solved, although every time I’m in Seattle I harbor hope in that off chance that I’ll run into him and catch up on his life.

That dorky tween on the bus eight years ago certainly wouldn’t have guessed that cute boy with the trombone would still be leaving her endlessly confused at the ripe old age of 21.

Also, on the off chance that anyone does read this who knows Miles, I’d love a comment just to know that he still exists.


2 Responses to “The One Who Disappeared From the Face of the Planet”

  1. Melanie June 24, 2016 at 9:29 pm #

    I knew him. I was Facebook friends with him until the same time. I think I might know why he disappeared, but I think he’s ok.

    • Stacking Twenties June 24, 2016 at 9:30 pm #

      Wow! I posted this like five years ago. I’m glad to hear that 🙂

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