Are We In Portland?

22 Jun

So today after going for a “run” (the day I actually run the entire 3-mile loop will be the day I stop putting it in quotation marks. Somehow I have no problem doing this on a treadmill but am incapable of doing it outside) I went to a farmer’s market with a few other girls. That’s just a little bit granola, nothing exceptional.

But wait, there’s more.

Across the street was a food truck, “fruition.” This food truck is run by three sisters who make juice from fresh produce. That’s pretty earth-mother, but it seemed to be a pretty solid business model and I was definitely impressed to see a successful business run by three sisters, the oldest of which couldn’t have been over 25, if that.

But then as we were sitting and chatting, one asked if we knew anything about spiders, because there was a particularly cute white one on their awning. A cute spider? Really? I’m no arachnophobe, but I’ve never thought a spider was cute.

A few minutes later, she informed us that they were going to close down the truck but not to feel any pressure to leave – they were just going to take a hula hoop break.

Who takes a hula hoop break? I had no idea that was a thing people did.

That, followed by a face-off between a Dodge Ram and a SmartCar, made the whole thing very “Portlandia.”


One Response to “Are We In Portland?”

  1. ianmulligan08 August 3, 2013 at 5:34 am #

    If I was with you I would have laughed and simply have said . . . Welcome to Portland. Do you remember where this was in Portland?

    Oh and a treadmill and outside are two completely different types of running. A treadmill controls your speed and is typical inside with a temperature suited to work out in. While outside there is no speed control, that comes with time and practice. You feeling out your body and knowing how fast you are going instinctively. Weather outside causes your body to react differently as well.

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