Vintage Vines: A Review

24 Jun

Today I spent time with my wonderful freshman-year roommate, her older sister and her friend/current roommate. I hadn’t seen her since fall semester, so it was great to get a chance to catch up.

We went out to Vintage Vines, a small wine/beer seller about fifteen minutes from campus.

Vally Vines is very small, with four or five tables, probably seating a total of 20 people including the stools at the bar. But even though it’s located in a strip mall, once you get inside the atmosphere is excellent.

They have themed tastings each weekend: today was Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. For $5, you can taste either three reds or three whites. For $9, you get all six. I went with the reds, and they were excellent.

They had a full menu, which was great because we were there at lunch time. Every single thing we ordered was delicious. I would highly recommend the chips and dip – homemade potato chips, all very small, and a bleu cheese/onion dip that was very unique and one of the best things I’ve eaten in quite some time.

I ordered the salmon salad, which included goat cheese, apples, walnuts and a pear vinaigrette. It was plenty big enough for a meal, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes, well, good food.

The wines seemed to be relatively fairly priced, although I didn’t bring any home.

All in all, a nice spot to go for a weekend lunch and catching up with an old friend. If you want to check them out, here’s a link: Vintage Vines.


Note: As I wrote about a few weeks ago (here) I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds. I was doing really well for a couple of weeks, and then I totally fell off the weekend and immediately lost my momentum. So. I realize this will be of almost zero interest to anyone, but I’m going to start putting notes at the bottom of these posts of what I’m eating, what kind of exercise I did, and what I weighed (if I weighed myself that day, which I rarely do).

 I feel super self-conscious about doing this, but being accountable to just myself was not working, especially when things like Girl Scout cookies are staring me in the face. It’s not that I’m completely unhappy with the way I look, it’s just that I know I could look quite a bit better with not a whole lot of effort, and I’m trying to force myself to put that little bit of effort in instead of just accepting that I weigh about 10 lbs more than I would ideally like to. And hey, this is my own private corner of the interwebs, I can do what I want! Don’t tease, please 🙂

BREAKFAST: Apple spice oatmeal w/ strawberries and almonds. LUNCH: 3 wine tastings + 1/2 order chips & dip + salmon salad. SNACK: popcorn w/ added butter. DINNER: Lean cuisine frozen dinner + handful peanut m&ms

EXERCISE: 15-minute arms workout DVD

One Response to “Vintage Vines: A Review”

  1. ianmulligan08 August 3, 2013 at 5:31 am #

    Red wine was a great choice.

    Exercise and fitness is something you do for yourself. To feel good and look good. Look good in way that you feel that you look good and are happy with it. Losing weight and getting into a routine can be difficult. It takes dedication and willingness to get up and go for it. The endorphin buzz is almost contagious and releases chemicals which can be uplifting. As far as a “diet” goes it really comes down to portioning. How much are you eating at a meal is important. Eating healthy is a good thing, but its okay to spoil yourself with some chocolate or a nice beer now and again.

    I know its hard after a long day to summon the will to exercise when you would rather get a beer with people. You can do it though and exercise for 30-45 minutes everyday. Weight loss and fitness is a process that takes hard-work and is something you have to maintain.I know this was written a while ago, but I believe in you. If you ever want fitness advice and where you should start and where to go with it I hope you feel comfortable asking me.

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