21 Jul

Everywhere I turned yesterday, there was a new article about the shooting at The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado last night.

I spent hours reading coverage from Slate, The Atlantic, the New York Times – everything I could get my hands on.

Because when something like this happens, that’s what I do. 

I read, voraciously. I somehow think that maybe if I read enough, if I get all the facts of where the shooter was from, who the victims were, the exact timeline of what happened, that maybe somehow it will make sense.

But it won’t.

And it’s not supposed to. Because if it did, that would mean we lived in a world where people murdering a dozen strangers made sense. That’s not a world I want to live in.

Aurora has brought up arguments about gun control – would we have been safer if some of the citizens in the theater had their own guns? – and moralizing discussions about whether or not a person should still go see the movie. It’s been compared to Columbine, which happened nearby, Virginia Tech, every shooting people can name. None of them made sense.

I guess I want it to so that I can somehow keep myself safe from having this happen again. But maybe that’s the only thing that makes sense about all of this, that it’s senseless. That we are never safe. That we can dress up with our friends and go to a midnight showing of the summer blockbuster and not come home, we can die in a classroom, and not of boredom, we can be in our own homes and suddenly, violently, attacked.

This will happen again.

That’s the scariest thing. It will happen again, it always does. Anywhere, anytime, someone could snap and do something unimaginable. It could be across the country, where we will read about it for a couple of days and then let it fade into history, because you can’t be sad about everything forever. Or it could be here, where the pain will never heal. Aurora won’t completely heal from this for a generation, maybe two. The rest of us will get over it in a week.

I’m not sure what my point is. It scares me, yet it seems unreal, like it could never happen to me or someone I love. Intellectually, I know it could, any time. But I can’t live with that, so I will think of these victims as ‘the other,’ because to understand that they are just like me means living in fear.

One Response to “Aurora”

  1. ianmulligan08 August 3, 2013 at 4:53 am #

    Again another great thought provoking article which raises many questions. How do we feel about national security and the domestic threats that do exist in this country. It seems at this moment that people are up and arms about this.

    Do none of these shooting really not make sense? They were planned and executed making them pre-meditated. Each shooter had their own motivations and reason for doing so. Or do you mean logically as in it doesn’t make sense why people would do this. I think the simple answer would be is that they people aren’t thinking logically as most people would. There is something wrong with them psychologically that has built up to the moment they pull the trigger.

    “This will happen again.” You are right and there is a grim feeling of not knowing where, when and how it will happen. Boston Marathon, imagine lining up and being like alright today is the day I run my race and I run the best I’ve ever ran. You cross the finish line and moments later explosions and destruction. It is surreal and you cannot believe it is happening. You don’t want to believe it and this is where, it really does not make any sense. Yes, there are reasons but there is no sense to be made for sense killings and bloodshed. This isn’t a world I want to live in either where someone goes off and goes on a killing spree.

    This post has even more reference with the Sandy Hook shooting. Where do we draw the line gun control and can we control it? Is the right to bare arms a fundamental right or something that in the modern age has manifested itself into a completely new definition? We don’t want the government spying on us and we don’t want them taking away our guns. I don’t have a solution what to do, I just now that the threat of domestic terror is very real.

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