An Adorable Moment

27 Jul

I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now, and a pair of siblings are at the counter. The girl is probably about nine, the boy seven. They each ordered a treat, and the girl’s bill came to $2.45. She opened up her purse and pulled out two dollar bills – it was instantly clear she didn’t have the change.

The barista said “do you need 45?” It was obvious he was going to cover it for her, maybe out of the tip jar or his own pocket. A very sweet moment in its own right. People are good.

But then her little brother said, “I got it.” Now, I don’t know anything about these kids, but let’s say they get a weekly allowance of $5. Or mom gave them a couple bucks each to walk down the street and entertain themselves for a little while – it’s summer vacation, that sort of thing is a great way to get kids out of the house. Maybe they got to keep what they didn’t spend, that’s how my mom would have done it. Maybe they earned the money by doing some chores around the house.

Either way, 50 cents is a bit of money when you’re seven. And to see a kid, at the prime age for sibling rivalry, take that opportunity to help out his sister, without saying anything about “you owe me” or letting out a long sigh before offering – well, it warmed my heart.

To the parents of these two kids: great job.


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