Redesigns and angst

28 Jul

I’m in the middle of redesigning our newspaper. Not because anyone told me to or because I have to, just because I decided it was something I wanted to do.

Shortly after making that decision, I also decided I am insane.

See, a redesign is a HUGE job. You have to consider the body copy, a couple of different headline fonts (main head, subhead, sidebar heads), section headers, pullquotes, photo captions, bylines and of course the flag, which took me 3.5 hours in itself.

The problem here is that I am doing this project solo.

There is only one person on my staff who cares about design, and he is camping in the woods all summer. That leaves me to test all the fonts and sizes and determine what looks the best without a second set of eyes. It’s ridiculously time consuming.

Why, why, why did I decide to do this? Our paper isn’t gorgeous, but it’s not bad looking. I just decided that putting endless hours into font choices that no one but me will actually care about was a great idea.

And of course I can’t quit, because I really care about news design. I fully believe that making a paper look good will make people pick it up. You can’t catch people with awesome stories until they’re looking at the paper in the first place.

If you intend to embark on a redesign, I suggest looking at a lot of things. The more inspiration you can pull together, the better off you’ll be – the flag I ended up creating has heavy influences from a friend’s old college paper.

I strongly suggest getting a partner in crime. I don’t have one, and I know that having someone else to text a question to or just get encouragement from would make this job wayyyyy easier.

Ask for advice. Just mentioning that I was doing a redesign got me a great tip on a headline font. To most people, that is a ridiculously boring thing to get a ‘great tip’ on, but I’m absurdly excited about it.

START EARLY. I meant to, but didn’t. Majorly regretting it, and it means our first issue will have to be put out using the old style unless I get a crazy amount of work done tomorrow. Possible, but highly unlikely.

This post is mainly for the purpose of me complaining. I’ll post a before-after of our front page once I finish this damn redesign.


One Response to “Redesigns and angst”

  1. ianmulligan08 July 31, 2013 at 4:36 am #

    You did an excellent job designing it. It is a proud accomplishment to redesign a newspaper.

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