Quo Vadis: The Perfect Planner

27 Aug

Senior year – my last year of academia, ever – starts in two days, so I just bought my 2012-2013 planner.

I’m a little OCD about organizing and planning, probably because I tend to overcommit so I need to have every single thing written down.

I’ve been buying the same planner every August since junior year of high school, because it’s perfect. The Quo Vadis daily planner is overpriced but perfect.

Most planners put a week on every two pages, which is just not enough space. I use my planner as a running to-do list, plus a place to schedule everything I need to do. Four lines per day is not enough space to do that.

It’s about 5 by 7, so there’s space for me to write everything without it being awkwardly too large to carry around in a purse.

I have now written down every important date that I know of in the next year – including graduation, May 12 of 2013 – and everything that I know I have to do.

My life is just as hectic as it was four days ago, but I feel so much more relaxed.


One Response to “Quo Vadis: The Perfect Planner”

  1. ianmulligan08 July 31, 2013 at 4:03 am #

    This made me smile, because it is so totally you. Keeping everything organized and making sure things are planned. It is a really good trait.

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