19 Non-consecutive Things I Miss

3 Sep

I’ve been in a very nostalgic mood lately, maybe because I’m getting closer and closer to “official adulthood” and suddenly realizing I’ve already lived probably a quarter or so of my life. And I’m so excited about this year, and excited to see where I am in a year, or five, or twenty. But it’s weird how something can be a ritual, a routine, always there, and suddenly it’s not a part of your life anymore and you don’t even realize it’s gone until it’s been a while.

  1. In elementary school, Mom worked on Monday evenings. I would go home after school and our babysitter – I thought she was the coolest person ever – would come over. I still remember when she turned 16 and got her license, which made her seem so adult. It wasn’t long before she went off to college and didn’t come around anymore. Before my youngest brother was born, Dad would get home from work and then take me and my brother swimming down at the gym. I wasn’t old enough to change in the women’s locker room alone, but after I saw a boy from my first grade class with his dad in the men’s, I insisted that we use the family bathroom downstairs. I don’t remember when the weekly swims ended, but it’s been a long time now.
  2. One of the first places I really felt like I belonged was at the community theatre I got involved with in eighth grade. I miss spending my weekends ushering shows and painting sets and learning how to run lights, and my summers down at the theatre every single day. I was part of a community there, and I was capable and loved and accepted. It’s a little bittersweet every time I see a Facebook post from Driftwood. I still can’t believe I’ll probably never be a part of that family again.
  3. The pizza bagels from the student store in high school. And homecoming assemblies, where all that mattered was “OH-NINE OH-NINE OH-NINE” … and Trojan Power.
  4. Every recess in fourth grade, we played Capture the Flag. My whole class and a good portion of the other third and fourth graders.
  5. Sharing all of my clothes with my sophomore year roommate.
  6. My dad had his night out on Wednesdays, his time to go out and hang out with his friends while Mom stayed home with us kids. Mom got hers on Thursday. On Wednesday nights, the boys would be put to bed around 7:30 and then I got time to just hang out with Mom. We would sit in her bed with popcorn, sometimes even ice cream, and watch shows like Antique Roadshow and anything on HGTV. Sometimes movies, but that was rare. Then the boys got older and stayed up later, and I wanted time to myself, and mom-and-me nights ended.
  7. Getting an indoor recess pass every day in sixth grade, in an attempt to progress through the stages of charcoal drawing fast enough to eventually get to pastels.
  8. How ridiculously happy a new Girl Scout badge could make me.
  9. Jenga and crossword competitions in Kolus 5th period.
  10. My best friend and I were the only ones on our bus route to school in half-day kindergarten. We got to sit way in the back and our driver would go over the speed bumps fast so we bounced around. It’s all fun and games until somebody – her, thankfully – chips their tooth.
  11. Meals lasted two hours freshman year, when we didn’t have commitments and enjoyed little more than cramming 15 people around a COG table to talk about everything and eat those strangely addictive cookies.
  12. SWing club, when I got my dance fix during every Thursday lunch period.
  13. The fried ice cream at Las Brisas. It’s not as good anymore.
  14. Dad read us stories every night. When my middle brother was still a preschooler, I would help Dad put him to bed by singing him two songs after storytime and before the last trip to the potty. “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah” was a favorite, and I learned every word to the Arthur theme song so I could sing it to him.
  15. Lunch table lunches and pulling out the quote book every time we laughed.
  16. Curled up on the couch with my baby brother, teaching him to read in 15-minute chunks with a book from the 1960s. I was only twelve, but it’s still one of the proudest accomplishments of my life.
  17. Checking the bus schedule before school started every year, deciding which of the two routes close to my house I would be using, and calculating down to the minute what time I had to leave my house in the morning. It was 7:18 the last year I rode the bus.
  18. Making fondue and then watching “The Sound of Music” or “Little Rascals” with my grandparents every time we visited after Joe went to bed. A lot of my best memories are from after my brothers went to bed.
  19. Creating dances and circus routines with my littlest brother in our basement whenever we were bored, when I was in middle school and he was in preschool. We had a pretty great one to Bowling for Soup’s “1985.”

There are so many other things, those little flashbacks of moments that I almost forgot that hit me when I’m walking through Costco or sit down on a couch just like one that a friend’s family used to own. I guess it’s just pretty cool the way life works, when all the little moments don’t really matter but then in a way they really, really do.


One Response to “19 Non-consecutive Things I Miss”

  1. ianmulligan08 July 31, 2013 at 3:52 am #

    It is the details that make up a larger picture. My favorite ones you mention are ones involving your parents at an early age. The story and the individual time you got with parents as a kid.

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