The Friend Date

12 Nov

So, tonight I went on my first friend-date of postgraduate life (I know, I know, it’s been six months. It’s hard!).

Anyways. I had dinner with a girl I work with. We gossiped and laughed. I was reminded that there are decent people even here, if you look hard enough.

In college, I had a ready-made group of friends the first night I walked in. Sometimes I got lonely, but I was never really alone. Out here, I’m as close as I’ve been to alone since I went to Europe (loneliest experience of my life, taught me I can survive all on my own).

Anyways. Friend dates are TERRIFYING. It’s like “Please find me fun and funny and just the right amount of self-deprecating without thinking I have pathetically low self-esteem and for goodness sakes please be laughing with me and not thinking about how this will make a hilarious story later about that loser you once hung out with.” 

At least if a date-date never calls again, you can say, “well, they just weren’t attracted to me.” On a friend-date, it’s, “well they either thought I was boring or a terrible person or both.”

Luckily my friend-date tonight went well. I have another on Thursday. Wish me luck.


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