Business homies

12 Dec

I went to a networking event last night. Voluntarily.


I fit exactly the profile of someone who would love this sort of thing. I mean, I was a business major. I work in PR in a very business-y industry. I wear blazers and organize everything and am obsessed with the fact that I have a business card now.

I’m not obsessed, though, with standing around for no reason but to exchange said business cards.

I went to this event because it was a chance to meet some new people, maybe even make some friends. And it was worth it, if only for the reason that now I have a few more faces I’ll recognize around town. A few of them even seemed cool, if you got them out of their suits and ties and talking about something real.

It just seemed like everyone’s purpose there was to Be Impressive. Oh, I’m an attorney. Oh, here’s my card. Oh, yes of course I’m maxing out my 401k.


I don’t pick my friends based on their jobs, or their bank accounts, because then we would have literally nothing to talk about but our jobs and our bank accounts. I pick my friends because they’re passionate people who care about things, like improving their community or world events or serving the needy or some obscure hobby that I have no interest in, but I love that they love it.

I want to meet people who are so excited about life that they make me want to jump in alongside them. People who can’t stand to sit still for long because there are so many amazing things on this planet, even in this tiny city, that they don’t want to miss

I’m guilty of it too, of course. Instead of talking about the (awesome) podcast I’m doing – which would have been so much more interesting – I talked about my job.

I’m sure some, even a lot, of people at this networking event have things that drive them. Instead of sharing them, we just shared our cards.


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