Rivers and Roads

22 Dec

My friend Autumn posted yesterday about a song that really describes her life right now, as she just moved to NYC. My taste in music tends to consist of 90% Taylor Swift, 10% everything else, which can result in music-related discussions that are really boring for everyone.

However, right after graduation, one of my good friends and I went on a road trip through National Parks of the west (Glacier, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton, and also just generally enjoying the emptiness of Montana/Wyoming/Colorado). We spent our days doing basically nothing, and it served essentially as a transition time between college and our new real lives – her in Kentucky, me in North Dakota.

We listened to the few CDs we had multiple times, and the one song that always reminds me of that trip is Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart.

A year from now we’ll all be gone
All our friends will move away
And they’re goin’ to better places
But our friends will be gone away

Nothin’ is as it has been
And I miss your face like hell
And I guess it’s just as well
But I miss your face like hell


Been talkin’ ’bout the way things change
And my family lives in a different state
If you don’t know what to make of this
Then we will not relate
So if you don’t know what to make of this
Then we will not relate


Rivers and roads
Rivers and roads
Rivers ’til I reach you
[Repeat 9x] 

It’s probably pretty clear why this song fit those two weeks so well. It was a road trip through some of the emptier parts of the country, so my life consisted almost entirely of, well, rivers and roads (and mountains and trees). I had lived five hours away from home for the last four years, but for the first time “my family live[d] in a different state.” All the friends I had made in college were “going to better places,” but suddenly we wouldn’t be able to see each other regularly, and I still miss their faces like hell.

That road trip was a moment of both nostalgia, for the way things were for four years, sadness it was over, and excitement for the changes that were happening. I suppose that’s what this song represents to me, and every time I listen to it I’m transported back to a little blue Prius, driving across Wyoming, with everything I’d known in the rearview mirror and no idea what was coming.


2 Responses to “Rivers and Roads”

  1. autumnkovachak December 22, 2014 at 6:48 pm #

    Mmm, great response post. That’s funny about T. Swift! Haha! But I can totally relate to your song and the “missing faces like hell” and “family in a different state” feelings. I actually have a Head and the Heart holiday pandora station on and have been listening to their latest album too, specifically “Another Story.” Such good music to relate to, moving through life on this journey.

  2. Glenna December 22, 2014 at 8:57 am #

    Love the ” everything I’d known in the rear view mirror” image. Nice…

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