2015 Goals

  • Complete a 30 Days of Yoga program
    Did it! I finished on Feb 4, and will be doing this again at some point throughout the year.
  • Daily blogging.
    (1/24) I am already giving up on this resolution because I don’t think it serves my actual purpose, which is just to blog more. I’d rather blog halfway decent content regularly than force myself to put something up every single day.
  • Save $10,000.
  • Dance on at least six separate weekends.
    • Seattle in March
    • Minneapolis in April
    • Spokane in May
    • Calgary in May
  • Visit three places I’ve never been.
    • Boise, Idaho (January 2015)
    • Calgary, Alberta, Canada (May 2015)
  • Knit a cardigan or sweater that I really love.
  • Read 25 books.
    1. Invisibles, David Zweig
    2. The Dinner, Herman Koch
    3. Ethical Chic, Fran Hawthorne
    4. Friendfluence, Carlin Flora
    5. Life After Genius, M. Ann Jacoby
    6. After Long Silence, Helen Fremont
    7. Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes
    8. The Opposite of Loneliness, Marina Keegan
    9. The One and Only, Emily Giffin
  • Send a physical card and/or gift for the birthdays of at least ten non-family members.
  • Make five new friends.

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