Hey, twentysomethings: clueless isn’t cute

7 Jan

I’m definitely guilty of this, as are 95% of Thought Catalog listicles and most things targeting post-grads on the internet. I really got annoyed, though, reading The Twentysomething Manifesto.

All of these seem to assume that everyone under 29 is broke, unemployed/working a crappy job with no solid future plans, mooching off their parents, either has no social life or gets wasted three times a week, can’t cook, financially illiterate, living in a slovenly hole, incapable of having a healthy relationship, a couch potato, and generally a lazy idiot with a vague idea that it would be nice to have a life that was less crappy.

We all have areas for growth, obviously, but almost everyone my age I know is absolutely killing it in at least a few of these categories.

For some reason, though, we don’t talk about any of those things, we just talk about the areas we’re failing in – I’ll write a bunch about being in a relationship with Netflix, but nothing about decorating my apartment or picking up a new freelancing gig or having an actual social life or rocking my budget. Is it because that sounds like bragging? You would think a generation as narcissistic as ours is supposed to be wouldn’t have a problem with that.

Instead, we have no problem with airing our dirty laundry all over the internet, and I think that can be great. It’s really valuable to be able to see that other people also don’t have it all together. However, it seems to be turning into a race to the bottom, and it’s giving us all a bad name.

We’ve all read the articles – in real, respectable journalistic outlets – about how awful our generation is and how we’re going to ruin everything as we age. A lot of that is just hand-wringing from old people that’s been happening since the beginning of time, and I’m sure we’ll do to our grandchildren with their awful music and lazy hologram-using ways. But I can’t help but think that some of it comes from the way we portray ourselves – as incompetent idiots.

If you’ve really made it to 29, or 25, or even 22, and you are honestly completely incapable of even beginning to handle your life, that’s quite sad. And maybe it should be seen as such, instead of hilarious and typical. Yes, I’m saying that if you embody all the qualities I listed at the beginning of this post, you need to pull your life together, and not just blog about “hahaha I can’t cook or clean my apartment or pay my bills so I just order everything off Seamless!”

Let’s have some higher aspirations for ourselves, and be comfortable sharing those. Sure, there will be difficulties along the way, and we won’t all succeed at everything immediately. But we are not what we are presenting ourselves as.

This turned into a rant. My point is, none of us are perfect, and especially when we’re young, we all have a lot of learning to do. I just hate reading articles that present these negative behaviors as funny and cute and “this is just what life’s like when you’re 24” than as something that we have the power to change and are working towards changing.

What part of the early-adulthood world are you absolutely crushing?


2 Responses to “Hey, twentysomethings: clueless isn’t cute”

  1. John Henry Behrens III January 8, 2015 at 5:11 pm #

    Reblogged this on Like A Millennial.

  2. Post Grad Professional January 7, 2015 at 12:09 pm #

    Great thoughts! Post Grads don’t get enough credit where we are killing it. Here’s to hoping our talents surpass our flaws and the world takes note. : )

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