I Woke Up at 5 a.m.

20 Mar

On purpose. Yes, this is a big enough deal that I’m blogging about it.

In college, every once in a while, when our to-do lists got longer than our arms, my friend Luke and I would have early-morning homework dates. We would force each other to wake up before 6 on a Saturday (because we hated ourselves, and each other, and happiness), go to Starbucks, and be ridiculously productive for the next four hours, hit the gym when it opened by 10, and basically be rock stars. Or, more accurately, the opposite of rock stars.

My theory is that I hate the world so much for existing at that time of day, that I basically get work done out of spite.

The only thing worse than getting up early and getting a bunch done is getting up early and then refreshing Facebook until your normal wake-up time.

Since I don’t have homework anymore (single greatest thing about post-college life), I haven’t had early morning work time in the last couple years. But today, there was packing to do and freelance work to edit and thank-you notes to write (Glenna, it’s coming!), so I pulled myself out of bed at five, made some coffee and eggs, and sat myself at my kitchen table for an hour and a half. Then I did yoga. Then I packed. Then I showered. Then I did my hair. It was so productive!

And of course, I was still three minutes late to work.


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