2015 Goals Review

28 Dec

Last year I wrote a post of my goals for 2015, and now that it’s the end of December I figured it was time to see how I did.

  • Complete a 30 Days of Yoga program I did this in January, and it was great, then I did it again in July and November. I’ll be doing the new program that starts on Jan 1 this year, check out this YouTube channel if you want to try it too!
  • Daily blogging. Failure. Utter failure.
  • Save $10,000. I actually exceeded this goal! Yay!!!
  • Dance on at least six separate weekends. I would have liked to do more dancing, and hopefully will next year, but I did hit my goal:
    • Seattle in March
    • Minneapolis in April
    • Spokane in May
    • Calgary in May
    • Spokane in August
    • Spokane in October
  • Visit three places I’ve never been. My travel schedule was also not as great as it was in 2014, but I made it to three new places:
    • Boise, Idaho (January)
    • Calgary, Alberta, Canada (May)
    • San Diego, California (July)
  • Knit a cardigan or sweater that I really love. I did this over the summer, it was quite fun. I even wore it in public once.
  • Read 25 books. I stopped keeping count, but just looking at my library account is proof that I achieved this one. Plus I finished Don Quixote this year which was a feat in itself.
  • Send a physical card and/or gift for the birthdays of at least ten non-family members. I’m trying to be a better gift-giver/birthday remember-er, but I did not do this one. Maybe next year.
  • Make five new friends. I didn’t think I achieved this, but in retrospect I think I actually did succeed. Hoping to expand my social circle more in 2016.

I actually did fairly well on my goals this year, which is nice to see since it felt like sort of a waste of my year. I also was in a play for the first time in years, and started working on a startup idea, and made plans for big changes in 2016, which I’ll be writing about later.

2015 was basically a “pause” year for me, and I think I got what I needed to out of it. Looking forward to new adventures in the New Year!

How did you do on last year’s goals?


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